Aksungur Begins its first mission

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Aksungur Begins its first mission
Aksungur the Firefighter
Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) UAV AKSUNGUR started its first mission by flying from Ankara TUSAŞ facilities to Adana Şakirpaşa Airport.

AKSUNGUR will be stationed at Şakirpaşa Airport and used by the General Directorate of Forestry for firefighter missions.

Aksungur is a twin-engine derivative of Anka UAV. The UAV, which broke the record for staying in the air, will participate in the fire fighting under the command of the Directorate. The multi-role UAV is suitable for intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. It has SATCOM and and

AKSUNGUR UAV, which can perform offensive missions, has SATCOM provides operational flexibility beyond the line of sight with its payload. The UAV is suitable for offensive missions as well.

TUSAŞ has started the serial production of AKSUNGUR. It was expected to be used for maritime missions.

Aksungur Begins its first mission

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