Aircraft Carrier Enters SSİK’s Agenda for the First Time

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Aircraft Carrier Enters SSİK’s Agenda for the First Time
The Defence Industry Executive Committee discussed constructing an aircraft carrier for the first time at the meeting chaired by President Erdoğan.

The Defence Industry Executive Committee (SSİK) chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met today at the Presidential Complex. The two-hour-long meeting returned with new projects. According to the statement made by the Directorate of Communications after the meeting, it was decided to start many new projects. The statement did not include financial information about the size of the project.

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It was seen that issues related to the Naval Forces Command came to the fore at the meeting. Aircraft Carrier design phase within the scope of military ship projects, MİLGEM 9-10-11-12. (i-class frigates) Decisions were made regarding the construction of Offshore Patrol Ships (OPV), new types of landing ships, new-generation mine-hunting ships, and assault boats with national means.

Projects aimed at adding new UAV/UCAVs to the inventory, providing new capabilities, and ensuring logistics supportability were discussed and decided upon.

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The future activities of the National Fighter Aircraft KAAN, the supply of HÜRKUŞ aircraft and GÖKBEY helicopters, and the logistics requirements of the Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft were discussed. The Directorate stated that the necessary decisions were made.

In addition to platform projects, decisions were taken for a wide range of projects such as new missiles, radar, electronic warfare, communications, various weapons, ammunition and equipment, air defence systems, and satellite and space systems.

The Directorate underlined that, with a record level of 5.5 billion dollars, an increase of 27 per cent compared to last year, and an export figure exceeding 65 dollars per kilogram on average, the defence industry has made a high contribution to the Turkish economy and indirectly to social welfare. The Directorate added, “In addition, as an indicator of the increase in confidence in our country’s defence industry products, the number of exported countries has increased from 176 in the previous year to over 185 as of this year.” 


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