Aeronautical Engineer at Vice Presidency: Gökhan Uçar

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Aeronautical Engineer at Vice Presidency: Gökhan Uçar
President Erdoğan appointed Gökhan Uçar as a new Vice President at SSB. His new position is not declared.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has appointed Gökhan Uçar to SSB vice Presidency to assist SSB President Professor Haluk Görgün. TurDef summarises who Gökhan Uçar is.
Gökhan Uçar has a bachelor’s degree from METU Aeronautical Engineering and a master’s degree from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. After his university graduation, he started working at the Defence Industry Agency (Former Defence Industries Undersecretariat). He worked as Project Engineer in the “Tanker Aircraft Project”, “Utility Helicopter Project” and “Marine Surveillance Aircraft Project” in the Aviation / Aircraft Department, Technical Assistant Project Manager in “The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Project” and “F-5 Aircraft Avionics and Structural Modernisation Project” between 1994-2008. He worked as Project Manager Technical Assistant and later Project Manager in “F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Programme” and Project Manager in “AWACS Barış Kartalı (Peace Eagle) Programme”. He worked as a Specialist in the “Contracts and Cost Analysis Branch” in the Supply Management Department and as the Branch Manager in the “Process Management Branch” between 2008 and 2011. He continued his career as the Project Manager in the “Advanced Materials, Destruction, Energy and Propulsion Projects Branch” at the R&D and Technology Management Department, and he conducted project design and contract negotiations for the development of Turbojet and Operative UAV Engines (PD-170) by managing various projects between 2011 and 2013. He became the Branch Manager of the Strategy Development Department “Strategy Development Department Budget and Fund Management Branch” in 2013 and worked until 2015. He carried out activities related to the income and expenditure monitoring of the Defence Industry Support Fund, the coordination of the preparations for the Defence Industry Executive Committee (SSİK) meetings and the meeting secretariat. Barış Kartalı, A-400M, Maritime Patrol and Coast Guard Aircraft (MELTEM-2), Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MELTEM-3), T-38 Evolvement, as Project Manager at the Aircraft Department “Aircraft Modernisation and Integration Branch” between 2015-2016. He took part in Training Aircraft Avionic Modernisation, C-130 Avionic Modernisation, Land Forces Cargo Aircraft and Command and Control Aircraft Projects and has been working as the SSB Unmanned and Smart Systems Department Head since September 27, 2016.

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