12.2 billion USD Turnover in Defence and Aviation

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12.2 billion USD Turnover in Defence and Aviation
The defence industry’s turnover reached 12.2 billion dollars. SSB President Demir evaluated SASAD’s Performance Report.

Defence Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD) has prepared a report. President of Defence Industry Agency Demir, in his assessment of the sector performance data for 2022, said: 

“In line with the sector performance data of SASAD for 2022, we see that our total turnover in 2022 has reached 12 billion 200 million dollars, and there is an increase of 20 per cent when compared to the data of 2021. Compared to 20 years ago, there is a 12-fold increase and growth. Similarly, when we look at the R&D expenditures of 2022, we see that our companies made an R&D investment of 2 billion 61 million dollars, an increase of 26 per cent compared to the previous year. There is a 40-fold increase in R&D investments compared to 20 years ago.”

SASAD performance report.pdf

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