TUSAŞ Prepares for 18 March 2023

TUSAŞ Executive Vice President Professor Atilla Doğan answered the question about Hürjey to land on TCG Anadolu. Professor Doğan, “The aircraft was designed as a jet trainer, and it is not designed to take off and land from an aircraft carrier. Is the speed regime suitable for landing and take-off from the aircraft carrier? Are some modifications required other than the speed regime? We’ve done some preliminary work on the carrier to see if it requires some modifications. It is seen that it can take off with the existing engine power without the need for additional trust, and an arresting system will be needed for landing. Our goal is to make its first flight at the end of 2022. We are trying to run other activities without dedicating too much engineer resources,” he said. Kotil added that if a plane is going to land on the ship, this plane will be landed.