US and Turkish Navy in the Black Sea

US and Turkish Navy in the Black Sea
US and Turkish Navy in the Black Sea
Turkish and US Navy in the Black Sea

Turkish Defence Ministry announced from its official internet site that Turkish naval forces and US navy components conducted a passing exercise in the Black Sea.

The frigates TCG TURGUTREİS (F-241) (Yavuz-Class Frigate) and TCG ORUÇREİS (F-245) (Barbaros-class frigate ) of the Turkish Naval Forces conducted a joint maritime exercise with the USS PORTER (DDG-78) (Arleigh Burke-class destroyer ) and USS DONALD COOK (DDG-75) (Arleigh Burke-class destroyer ) destroyers of the US Navy in the Black Sea. Two Turkish Air Force F-16s and one US maritime patrol aircraft ( P-8 Poseidon) also participated in the maritime exercise.

The announcement read;

“The training conducted for the fundamental types of naval warfare has further strengthened cooperation between the Naval Forces of the two countries and has contributed to their interoperability.

Our Naval Forces Command has been maintaining the "Black Sea Harmony Operation" since March 1, 2004 with the aim of contributing to the peace and security of the Black Sea within the framework of the "regional ownership" principle. As part of the operations; frigates, corvettes, assault boats, submarines and sea patrol planes display their flag and show their presence in the Black Sea, and various observations and expeditions are conducted.

Within the scope of its planned activities, the Turkish Naval Forces conduct joint training and exercises at every opportunity with the elements of NATO, friendly and allied naval forces which have arrived in the Black Sea and regularly participates in the exercises organised by riparian countries.”