Turkish Air Force Completed its A400M Fleet

Turkish Air Force Completed its A400M Fleet
Turkish Air Force Completed its A400M Fleet

Turkey became the first country to complete its A400M fleet as it received the long waited for the tenth and last aircraft. Today, the plane entered the Turkish Air Force (TAF) inventory with its delivery to Kayseri. President of Defence Industry Professor İsmail Demir announced on his social media accounts: “Our A400M Fleet has been completed! Our 10th and last aircraft produced for TAF within the scope of the A400M Project, in which we are partners in the design and production of the TAF for tactical transportation missions, entered the inventory. Congratulations."

The last aircraft is deployed to the 12th Air Transport Main Base Command in Kayseri Erkilet. The aircraft, of which TUSAŞ is involved in the design and production, and TEI is the subcontractor in engine production, was produced in the upper configuration compared to the previous ones.
Within the scope of the Agreement signed between OCCAR and AMSL Company on behalf of the Consortium consisting of Germany (53), Belgium-Lux (8), France (50), United Kingdom (22), Spain (27) and Turkey (10) within the scope of the A400M Transport Aircraft Project, a total of 103 aircraft deliveries have been completed to date.
In addition, a total of four aircraft were ordered by the Royal Malaysian Air Force, the first non-consortium user of the A400M, and aircraft deliveries within this scope were also completed. With the contract signed with Kazakhstan in 2021, Kazakhstan ordered two aircraft as the ninth user country of the A400M aircraft.
The A400M Aircraft Final Assembly Line was opened in August 2007 in Spain. The ceremony of handing over the A400M Aircraft from the final assembly line to the flight line was held on 26 June 2008. The first flight of the A400M Aircraft was carried out on 11 December 2009.
Turkish Air Force Completed its A400M Fleet
The SSB is the executive of the project on behalf of Turkey. Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TUSAŞ), together with the aviation industries of the participating countries (Germany, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom and Spain), undertakes the responsibility for the design and production of the aircraft in proportion to the amount of aircraft taken by the countries. TUSAŞ has a business share in structural components and systems. In addition to the main structural components of the A400M Aircraft, such as the Front Mid-Frame, Rear Fuselage Upper Section, Parachutist Doors, Emergency Exit Gate, Rear Upper Escape Cover and Tail Cone, the Aileron and Spoilers, which are among the most critical flight control surfaces) is designed and produced by TUSAŞ engineers and technicians.
The A400M aircraft uses the TP400 engine, a turboprop engine designed by the Euro Prop International (EPI) consortium (Rolls-Royce, MTU, Snecma and ITP), a subcontractor of AMSL. Among the sub-contractors of EPI on the engine, TUSAŞ Engine Inc (TEI) is also included.

MSN009, the first aircraft delivered to Turkey within the scope of the A400M Transport Aircraft Project, was included in the inventory in 2014. As a result of the test activities carried out at Airbus's Sevilla/Spain facilities, Turkey became the first country in the Consortium to complete the 'A400M Fleet', with the tenth and last aircraft, MSN 118, accepted on March 29, 2022.

As the tenth aircraft, numbered MSN 118, is the first aircraft to be delivered at the new configuration level within the scope of the project, it has higher capabilities than the other aircraft previously included in the inventory. Improvement activities carried out for the final configuration of the A400M aircraft, which were previously delivered within the scope of the contract, are carried out at the Retrofit Centre established in Kayseri. In this context, retrofitting of two aircraft has been completed so far.
One of the planes supplied by Turkey crashed during the first test flight, and Turkey had been waiting for its tenth plane for a long time. At that time, negotiations were underway between Turkey and Airbus on aircraft acceptance. While Turkey wanted the planes to be delivered by completing their deficiencies, Airbus accused Turkey of driving things uphill. The crash of the plane, which was waiting to be delivered to Turkey, and the subsequent investigation revealed that Turkey was correct in its theses and Airbus was acting in a hurry. With the accident, the discussions were also closed.
A400M airlifter aircraft with serial number MSN 023 took off from the Airbus Seville facility on May 09th, 2015. The airlifter was on its maiden flight. Soon after take-off, the aircrew lost control, and the aircraft crashed, turning into a fireball.