TF-X will have Akbaba (Vulture)

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TF-X will have Akbaba (Vulture)
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The International Anatolian Eagle 2021 Training framework shared exclusive information about the Turkish Fighter jet Programme (TF-X). Observers from 21 countries and 160 local and foreign press members followed the presentation.

Turkish Air Force TF-X programme manager Colonel Cihangir Yay made the presentation and Air Force Commander General Hasan Küçükakyüz followed it. Among many information shared, the Anti-radiation missile Akbaba (Vulture) indicated that a new missile is planned.

TF-X will have Akbaba (Vulture)

According to the presentation, the main features of the aircraft will be:

*missile and ammunition carriage both at the inner bay and under the wing

*high precision standoff weapons

*Improved aerodynamics and propulsion

*Supercruise capability

*Long radius of action

* Sensor fusion

* Advanced avionics systems

* Low radar cross-section

Air-Air Munitions of the TF-X

METEOR missile type RamJet motorized infra-sight range (BVR) missiles (Tübitak SAGE's GÖKHAN missile, although its name is not listed)

AIM-120 AMRAAM/MICA/GÖKDOĞAN type beyond vision missiles

AIM-9 Sidewinder/ASRAAM/BOZDOĞAN type within invision (WVR) missiles

TF-X's Air-Ground Munitions






AKBABA Anti-Radiation Missile (The name was officially mentioned for the first time)

Miniature Bomb

SPEAR ( It was presented as air to air missile in presentation.)




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