Slovakia and Czech Republic to Procure CV90

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Slovakia and Czech Republic to Procure CV90
During the SIAF 2022 Air Show in Malacky, Slovakia, Czechian Defence Minister Jana Černochová and her Slovak counterpart Jaroslav Naď signed an agreement on the joint procurement and operation of the CV90 MkIV. The deal follows the independent vehicle selection by both countries in June and July 2022 for their future Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) requirement to replace their in-service BMP-2 derivatives.

Slovakia has a total requirement for 223 vehicles, with purchases divided into two phases: 152 vehicles in the first phase and 71 vehicles in the second. The country chose the CV90 MkIV in seven variants, including an IFV variant armed with a 35 mm automatic cannon and a 120 mm Mortar Carrier variant. Czechia requires 210 vehicles, including an IFV variant with a 30 mm automatic cannon.

According to the agreement, talks will be held with local industries in both countries to find ways to involve them in vehicle production. The cooperative agreement includes common spare parts, logistics, and maintenance programs. The two countries will coordinate technical requirements for their vehicles to achieve high commonality. The two countries also intend to conduct joint training for their CV90-equipped units, allowing both armed forces to benefit from the vehicle's experience.

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