Roketsan’s TRG-300 Tiger exhibited in Bangladesh

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Roketsan’s TRG-300 Tiger exhibited in Bangladesh
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Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina Wazed inaugurated newly inducted Roketsan T-300 Tiger systems of Bangladesh Army in Savar Cantonment at the Corps of Military Police Centre & School (CMPC&S). Prime Minister Hasina Wazed attended the event via video conference and said that the induction of the Tiger system has added “a new dimension to the capabilities of the Bangladesh Army”. The cantonment is located in Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, where the 9th infantry division of the Bangladesh Army is garrisoned.

Prime Minister Hasina Wazed also said that the service’s modernisation would continue under the ‘Forces Goal 2030’ initiative, which outlines a range of major acquisitions to modernise the Bangladesh military.

Roketsan’s TRG-300 Tiger exhibited in Bangladesh

Chief of General Staff of Bangladesh, General Aziz Ahmed, had announced that Roketsan’s TRG-300 Tiger Missile System would be delivered to the Bangladesh army by June 2021.

As a result of the delivery, the Bangladesh Army Artillery Regiment’s range has been moved forward with the TRG-300 Tiger Missile System, reaching 120 km maximum.

Roketsan’s TRG-300 Tiger exhibited in Bangladesh

The photos shared by Ops Room at the beginning of June 2021 showed the Russian Kamaz 65224 chassis 6×6 carrier vehicle and RoketsanTRG-300 Tiger Missile systems. Each launch vehicle in the T-300 system carries four launch tubes, each capable of firing Roketsan TR-300-series projectiles, including the 4.75 m-long TR-300E unguided rocket. The number of acquired systems is not disclosed.

Roketsan’s TRG-300 Tiger exhibited in Bangladesh

The system can fire the TRG-300 Tiger missile, which comes in two variants – Block I and Block II (Enhanced Warhead Dynamic Effectiveness) – with the first one having a range of between 30 km and 120 km and the second one of between 20 km and 90 km.

Roketsan’s TRG-300 Tiger exhibited in Bangladesh

According to Roketsan, guidance for both TRG-300 variants is provided by GPS and aided by an inertial navigation system. Both missiles feature aerodynamic control with an electromechanical actuation system.

TIGER Missile can be launched from RoketsanTigerMulti Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) Weapon System, MCL (Multi-Caliber Launcher) Weapon System and other platforms with compatible interfaces.

Potential Targets

  • Targets Located with High Accuracy
  • Artillery and Air Defence Systems
  • Radar Sites
  • Assembly Areas
  • Logistic Facilities
  • C3 Facilities
  • Other High Priority Targets

System Specifications

  • Combat Proven
  • 7/24 All-Weather/Terrain Usage Capability
  • Ready to Fire
  • Low Collateral Damage
  • Long Range Highly Accurate Precision Strike Capability
  • Anti Jamming/Anti Spoofing Solutions

Technical Specifications of TRG-300 MBRL

Block IBlock II (Enhanced Warhead Dynamic Effectiveness)
Diameter300 mm300 mm
Weight585 kg670 kg
GuidanceGlobal Positioning System + Global Navigation Satellite System Aided Inertial Navigation SystemGlobal Positioning System + Global Navigation Satellite System Aided Inertial Navigation System
ControlAerodynamic Control with Electromechanical Actuation SystemAerodynamic Control with Electromechanical Actuation System
Propellant TypeComposite SolidComposite Solid
Warhead TypesHigh Explosive + Steel BallHigh Explosive + Steel Ball
Warhead Weight105 kg190 kg
Warhead Effective Radius≥ 70 m≥ 80 m
Fuze TypePoint Detonating and ProximityPoint Detonating and Proximity
Accuracy (CEP)≤ 10 m≤ 10 m

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