Roketsan’s Akya is in Turkish Navy Inventory

Roketsan’s Akya is in Turkish Navy Inventory
Roketsan’s Akya is in Turkish Navy Inventory

Roketsan’s AKYA Heavyweight Torpedo is in the Turkish Naval Forces Command inventory. Roketsan implicitly revealed the news on its social media channels, writing, “the depths are entrusted to it”.

Roketsan first delivered AKYA Heavyweight Training Torpedoes to the Force. The training torpedo is inert. At the end of the fire, the torpedo surfaces on its own. It has also been revealed that a limited number of torpedoes were put into service as part of the Low rate initial production (LRIP) programme in December 2021. 
AKYA is entirely indigenous in design. The latest generation heavyweight torpedo is launched from submarines to combat various submarines and surface targets. It is a high-speed, long-range, completely autonomous or fibre optic wire-guided torpedo with an active/passive sonar homing head; AKYA uses wake homing guidance for surface targets. 
AKYA has an active/passive sonar head, with internal and fibre-optic wiring providing internal guiding. It employs wake guiding against surface targets.
Roketsan’s Akya is in Turkish Navy Inventory

Technical Features

50+ Km
45+ Knots
Submarines, Surface Vessels
Active/Passive Sonar Head with Acoustic Counter- Countermeasure Capability and Wake Guidance
Guidance Mode

Self Guidance

On-board Guidance

Via fibre optic cable

Proximity / Impact
Insensitive Warhead with Underwater Shock Effect
Launch Type
Propulsion System
Brushless DC Electrical Motor + Counter-rotating Propeller System
High-Energy Chemical Battery

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