Philippines Acquire Ultralight Machine Gun from Turkiye

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Philippines Acquire Ultralight Machine Gun from Turkiye
The Philippines Navy (PN) has signed a contract with the Turkish Defence System Company to acquire the ultralight machine gun MFR56. The Multi-Functional Machine Gun has a 5.56x45mm calibre and weighs 4250g, almost half the weight of its competitors. The PN will acquire 160 MFR56 according to the contract signed on 4 July in Ankara TurDef learned. The delivery will take place in 1.5 months.
The machine gun is designed by System Defence and produced in Turkiye. TurDef has learned that the Department of Special Operations from the General Directorate of Police have contributed to rifle development with their feedback. Turkish Armed and Security forces will start testing the rifle soon.The machine gun is specially designed for operations in urban where the complex structure limits the movement and manoeuvre of security units. The MFR56 brings an advantage to the security forces in such areas with its dimensions, weight and functions.MFR56’s top feeding system, designed as “Double Feed”, allows the rifle to be fed with a magazine and ribbon. It has “Quick Barrel Change” and “Forged Barrel” features.The ultralight machine gun is produced in two different systems, Closed Bolt and Open Bolt, according to the demands of the defence units of the countries.Philippines Acquire Ultralight Machine Gun from Turkiye

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Calibre5.56x45mm NATO
Barrel Length16.20” (412mm)
Groove Set1/7”
Operation MethodGas System
Output Speed850 m/s
Trigger Weight15-30 Newton
FeedDual-Feed - Magazine and Ribbon
Magazine TypePolymer- Standard AR15/M16 4179 STANAG
Magazine Capacity30
Fire Rate800/minute
Effective Range550
Maximum Range3500
Curb Weight4250g (9,35lbs)

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