New U.S. Underwater Drone Unveils

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New U.S. Underwater Drone Unveils
Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) unveiled a new unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV). The system is named “REMUS 620”.

According to information published by company officials, REMUS 620 is the most rugged mid-range UUV. Size, weight and other specifications are similar to Littoral Battleship Sensing-Autonomous Undersea Vehicle (LBS-AUV). The new platform is planned to use by the U.S. Naval Office of Oceanography and its submarine fleet.

The UUV has 110 hours of maximum loitering time, dependent on mission planning and environmental conditions. The underwater system can reach 275 nautical miles of operational range. These parameters drop to 70 hours and 200 nautical miles when the vessel is equipped with a synthetic aperture radar payload.

The importance of underwater drones is increasing. Systems can offer stealth reconnaissance and surveillance capability, and oceanographic measurements even attack the enemy to the user, thanks to the size and acoustic signature features. UUVs are hard to detect as well. Range capacity also allows anonymous tasks. New technological steps will enable the development of more capable, enhanced similar systems.

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