New MILGEM I is on the Agenda

New MILGEM I is on the Agenda
New MILGEM I is on the Agenda
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Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) prepares to begin a tender for MILGEM I class Frigate construction. Within the MILGEM programme, four ADA Class Corvette are already built, and one I class frigate is under construction. Three more I class frigates are expected.

The Defence Industry Executive Committee(SSIK), to be chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is expected to be held next Thursday (September 15th). However, it can be postponed to a later date. In case it is held on that day, we may expect new decisions regarding the MILGEM programme and shipyards.

Before proceeding to “expected developments”, remembering President of Defence Industries, Professor Ismail Demir’s words at the IDEF press briefing might be beneficial. Answering a question about naval projects, Demir mentioned the MILGEM programme.  He stated that works are carried out for MILGEM (6th,7th,8th) ships. However, he did not elaborate more and provided a timetable.

TurDef learned that there is a high expectancy for the MILGEM I class to include in the SSIK agenda. SSB will most likely propose two main options about the construction of I class MILGEM; SSIK may decide to construct only one I class (MILGEM 6th) (I Class the second frigate )ship or have more budget to build three ships (MILGEM 6th -7th- 8th). (I Class second, third and fourth frigates) The Defence Industry Executive Committee will decide on it.

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I class frigate features

Length Overall
113.2 meters
Length Waterline
105.2 meters
Beam Max
14.4 meters
4.05 meters
3000 tons
Maximum Speed
29+ knots
Cruise Speed
14 knots
5700 Nm at 14 knots
Main Propulsion
2x shafts and CPP propellers

Power Generation
4 x diesel generator