MKEK Begins 76 mm Naval Gun Production

MKEK Begins 76 mm Naval Gun Production
MKEK Begins 76 mm Naval Gun Production
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Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company (Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu /MKEK) General Manager Yasin Akdere stated that MKEK had started 76 mm Naval Gun assembly for vessels. Akdere attended to Çorum Defence Industry meeting and shared the story behind the naval gun. Akdere stated that the naval gun would undergo testing next month.

According to Akdere, Turkey wanted to import naval guns from a NATO ally country. The country has asked 8,2 million Euro and to wait 24 months but apply embargo. Following negotiations within the ministry, it was decided to start the R&D phase for the gun. The R&D phase is completed in 12 months, and the gun will be assembled soon. Akdere stated that the company that demanded 8.2 million Euro offered the same gun at a very lower price. 

MKEK Begins 76 mm Naval Gun Production

Technical Specifications of 76 mm Naval Gun

Mass Empty

7.5 tonnes

Barrel length 
 4700 mm 
76 mm
Rate of fire 
80 rounds/min
Maximum firing range 

16 km

Magazine capacity
70 ready rounds on Compact gun mount
Seawater—fresh water for flushing