Indonesia Tests its Indigenous MANPADS Merapi

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Indonesia Tests its Indigenous MANPADS Merapi
In cooperation with university and research centres, Indonesia’s Indonesian State-Owned explosive producer PT Dahana is working on the country’s first indigenous short-range air defence missile Merapi. The missile is named after the most active volcano in Indonesia located on the border between the province of Central Java and the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

The company is already a producer of explosives for defence interest and other related services with the support of The Energetic Material Centre. The Services include the production of propellants for small and large munitions, rockets, PETN, and others.

In collaboration with Army Research and Development Office, Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) CIRNOV Research Centre conducted firing trials in the air force shooting range located at Merapi Missile at Air Force’s Weapon Range Area (AWR) in Lumajang, a village in Tempeh located at East Java. The Aeronautical Technology Research Centre of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) has also attended the “2021 Year-End” firing trials on December 27-28, 2021. The Merapi missile is the first indigenous missile with fire and forget-technology.

The missile weighs about ten kg, has a 3.000-meter range, and is guided by an infrared seeker. According to DAHANA’s Director of Technology and Development, Suhendra Yusuf RPN, DAHANA’s makes propellant materials for the rocket boosters on the 70 mm calibre missile to ensure that the Merapi Missile is capable of travelling at a speed of 650 kilometres per hour or even exceeding the speed of sound.

The missile will be used against aircraft, helicopters and drones.

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