HAVELSAN Exports ADVENT to Indonesia

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HAVELSAN Exports ADVENT to Indonesia
Havelsan's Network Enabled Data Integrated Combat Management System ADVENT will be exported to the Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL). The contract was signed during Indo Defence 2022 in Indonesia.

Havelsan will integrate ADVENT into three Fast Attack Craft (FAC) KCR-60 vessels, and DRU Shipyard will integrate the Advent into two Offshore Patrol Ships.

ADVENT is operational at TCG KINALIADA, TCG UFUK and TCG BEYKOZ. It will also be used as CMS in TCG BURGAZADA, TCG DERYA, TCG ANADOLU, Barbaros Class and TCG ISTANBUL Frigates platforms and Pakistani and Ukrainian Corvettes.

ADVENT is a platform-independent new-generation command and control system that responds to the needs of a force-oriented, network-enabled operational approach rather than a single ship. It is possible to access tactical data link (Link 11, Link 16 and Link 22, SIMPLE, JREAP and VMF) functions fully integrated with ADVENT through all operator consoles. With its decision support systems, ADVENT has an architecture that facilitates the speed and correct decision-making process of its user and provides a flexible structure for using new weapons and sensors.

HAVELSAN Exports ADVENT to Indonesia


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