Görgün: We Delivered 13 CATS

Görgün: We Delivered 13 CATS
Görgün: We Delivered 13 CATS

Professor Haluk Görgün, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Aselsan, said that ASELSAN delivered 12 CATS systems to replace the E/O payloads previously imported from Canada.

TB2s carried out important tasks during the Azerbaijan-Armenia war last year to stop Armenian forces. Armenia, therefore, asked Canada to stop exporting sub-products to TB2s. ASELSAN replaced imported payloads from Canada with CATS.
Görgün, who met with journalists to evaluate ASELSAN after IDEF, talked about ASELSAN and answered questions. Görgün, answering a question about CATS, said, “There are 12 CATS installed on UAVs. One CATS has just been sold. A total of 13 CATS were delivered. By the end of this month, 16 CATS will be in use. Our goal is to produce six CATS per month.” Görgün stated that CATS would improve according to feedback from the end-user.

Görgün stated that they purchase sub-products for their systems, and the total cost reaches 1 billion dollars. He underlined that they pay 680 million dollars for the sub-products obtained from domestic sources.

Görgün: We Delivered 13 CATS
Görgün said they consider R&D an important issue and said, “Aselsan has a discipline that it has created for years. He has been dedicating seven per cent of his turnover to R&D for years.”
Görgün has also announced that ASELSAN exported the Identification Friend Or Foe System (IFF) system to a NATO country in Europe. “Our IFF responder product is sold to a European country. I want to thank Mr Haluk Bayraktar, General Manager of Baykar. He also offered the system they use to the user,” he said. Although Görgün did not mention the country, Baykar’s TB2 has gotten the attention of Poland and Hungary in Europe so far. While Hungary expressed its determination to supply, Poland signed the supply agreement. Therefore, the export of the IFF product can be is considered to be Poland.
Stating that Hisar A and O air defence systems performed better than the contract, Görgün stated that the systems were named Hisar A+ and Hisar O+ because they exceeded all requests.
Görgün said that by the end of 2021, there would be a wide range of radar product deliveries. Stating that the long-range early warning radar system (EIRS) is under test in the field, Görgün said, “We observed that it made detections from very long distances.”
Görgün gave information about their export targets and said, “This year, we target not to fall beyond last year, we aim to exceed 500 million dollars in exports (contract signing).”
Stating that they have serious studies on renewable energy, Görgün said, “We are discussing a very serious two-digit million-dollar investment in renewable energy on our agenda. “ The details of investment was asked, Görgün said, “It is a product in the field of production, testing and qualification of domestic and national products in the field of renewable energy. There are some contracts we are waiting for. We think that we will sign those contracts soon. Sub-designs, contents and all kinds of preparations were made before signing the contracts. We built this lab by observing the opportunity there.”