Coşkunöz’s ÇAĞATAY UAV was Displayed at the MRBS

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Coşkunöz’s ÇAĞATAY UAV was Displayed at the MRBS
Eskişehir based aviation company Coşkunöz Holding exhibited its UAV technologies at the Military Radar and Border Security Summit (MRBS). The Holding’s CSH and UAVERA companies presented their VTOL and target UAVs.

CSH is involved in fixed and rotary-wing platform body assembly, component assembly, precision part manufacture, and precision part assembly. It sells its wares to businesses like Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Fokker, and KAI.

UAVERA company exhibited Çağatay Unmanned Aerial Vehicle CGT50. Çağatay UAV is a VTOL that does not need a runway to take off or land. An indigenous software is installed. Çağatay is an under cloud UAV class. It has a six-hour endurance and can communicate for up to 150 kilometres via LOS. The UAV took part in a test arranged by Turkey’s procurement body, the Presidency of Defence Industries SSB, in August and successfully completed the desired flying procedure.

The company is also developing platforms to be used as target drones dubbed as Cengaver.

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