ARES will export two OPVs to Bangladesh

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ARES will export two OPVs to Bangladesh
Ares Shipyard tells about latest projects
Antalya based Ares Shipyard has drawn attention with its recent projects. The shipyard has started its “serial production” of 35 FBP for the Turkish coast guard. We have spoken with the Ares Shipyard CEO Ö. Utku Alanç during IDEF 2021 and asked questions about the shipyard’s most recent projects.

Alanç stated that 35 FPB was supposed to reach 35 knots, but it exceeded that and reached 38 knots when fully loaded. He did not give the details of manoeuvrability tests due to the coast guards’ confidentiality requirements but stated they were successful at each parameter demanded.Alanç stated that they had signed an agreement with ASFAT to export OPVs to Bangladesh.

ARES will export two OPVs to Bangladesh

Alanç has also talked about their partnership with Meteksan Defence for Unmanned Armed Surface Vehicle (ULAQ).

You may learn ARES’s top 3 priority products of the ARES Shipyard from the TurDef interview.

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